Greg is one of our top toilet repair and installation in Longmont, CO prosHere toilet gets daily wear and tear and repeated use. While many toilets can last decades or more, it's important to provide it with routine maintenance and servicing in order to keep it running smoothly. Often times, toilets can develop leaks, cracks, and more - some problems are easy to fix, while others require more extensive repairs. We can help you maintain your current swell it and we can also help you upgrade to a high efficiency model if you're ready to do so.

Leaks, Backups, and Clogs are Toast

We can fix the following problems for your toilet:

  • toilet clogs
  • toilet backups
  • slow draining toilet bowls
  • broken or loose seats or hardware
  • continuously running toilet
  • toilet bowl leaks
  • toilet repair and toilet installation
  • eco-friendly toilet upgrades
  • and more

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Common Toilet Problems

Carl is repairing the float on a toiletBroken Flapper

Your toilet's flapper connects to the chain that connects to the handle. Every time you flush, the chain lifts up the flapper in order to allow water to exit the tank. Do you have a toilet that keeps running even when it's done flushing? Then it could be that your flapper (or the chain) are broken or need adjustment.

Float or Valve Issues

The float and valve determine how much water gets into your toilet's tank. If your tank isn't filling at all or it's filling too much, check and adjust the valve and float.

Toilet Clogs

We're all familiar with clogged toilets. If water is taking too long to drain from the bowl, or not draining at all, then you've got a toilet clog. A household plunger can sometimes fix the issue, but more stubborn clogs will require more extensive measures.

Loose Seat

Slipping and sliding around when you use the toilet? A loose seat is annoying, and also easy to fix. Simply tighten the bolts on your toilet seat, or get new ones from your local hardware store if the old ones are broken.